Dan Sydlo


Tattoo Artist

I was born in Bismarck, ND. I grew up in a family full of artist (Visual and Musical), so naturally I was drawn into art. I can remember always drawing on things at a young age. In my teens is when I really got into studying art, and its many different aspects; painting, pastels, watercolor, and many more!

During high school I really focused on painting and drawing. Having a few paintings win awards in North Dakota Governors Show. I still have a passion for painting, and doing very colorful and out there paintings.

Following high school I really started to like and love tattoos, and the process of doing them. After collecting a few pieces myself, I decided to get involved with it. After many years of studying the skill of tattooing, I determined to make it into a career. That is when I found one of the best artists in the area, Jason Doll owner of Doll’s Studios, and learn the ways of tattooing. He is a great teacher and mentor of the art.

Many people will ask what my style is. I will have to say I have many styles in my art, full color, black and grey, traditional, neo-traditional, and script. Also working with client to make sure what get tattooed is what they want without a doubt.