Nancy Tietz Cerkoney


Piercing Professional

I moved permanently to Bismarck, ND from Colorado/Utah in 1996 with my 3 children as a single mother after trying my luck at every job possible in Colorado at the time (there wasn't many options). I have been everything food service, a forklift operator, worked production, driver for Auto Auctions, Office Asst even a Zookeeper (I LOVED that job!!!)... anything everything in between that they would offer me through the temporary service I worked for.

In Oct of 1997 I then met Jason Doll, my now husband while we both were working as a technical support techs at Sykes for Microsoft Office products. We soon combined our entrepreneur/artistic minds together and started doing shows together to advertise Jasons talent. It soon led to airbrushing murals, snowmobiles, vehicles, and motorcycles. I helped with the grunt work/auto body & business aspect of things. All that is what has brought us to where we are today. I talked him into expanding his artistic talents by tattooing and he said well You are going to piercing school... and here I am.... been piercing ever since attending World only Tattooing & Piercing school in Detroit, MI in 2004. I have done extensive research over my 11 years to keep updated on procedures and styles, and we have found USA made top quality jewelry. Most of the process has come throughout years with the hands on training and practice. I have pierced about everything possible. And I am totally confident in my abilities as a Body Pierce specialist, and business owner. Any questions I would be glad to answer for you.