Body Piercing service PRICE INCLUDES;
NeilMed saline solution aftercare spray with written aftercare instructions & our piercing fee.
(jewelry is extra)

Call 701.663.1069 to schedule

Cartilage - Earlobes - Nose - Eyebrow - Oral - Navel - Nipple - Nose start at $45.00 (jewelry is extra)

We do offer some Female Genital/Male Genital work which starts at $65.
(jewelry is extra)

We DO NOT offer surface work at this time.

We are supplied with US made, internally threaded, implant grade titanium body jewelry from Industrial Strength - NeoMetal - Anatometal.
There is NO glues or painted coating on our jewelry. We work out of a Value Klave - Statim.

We sincerely care about you and guarantee 100% untainted jewelry, tools, and equipment.

• In the Morton County area, we are allowed to pierce underage participants. The type of piercing per age is under our discretion.
• Clients under 18 years old will need consent from legal parent(s) or guardian. Both parties will need to supply a form of identification that indicates a birth date. (Birth Certificates are allowed)
• We DO NOT use piercing guns. Our method of body piercing is manual with a sterilized needle and high quality body jewelry.