Body Piercing Service


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  • Earlobes/Cartilage  – $55 (1) $85 (2) Comes with Standard NON-SPARKLY JEWELRY
  • Nostrils – $60 (1) $90 (2) Comes with Standard NON-SPARKLY JEWELRY
  • Navel – $90.00 Comes with Standard NON-SPARKLY JEWELRY
  • The cleaning solution is an additional $11 with Piercing and $15 without.
This does not include taxes or terminal fees as they are determined by the final total. 
We currently are only doing the piercings above since we are in between piercers at this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

We DO NOT offer surface work at this time.


 We are supplied with US-made, internally threaded, implant-grade titanium body jewelry from Industrial Strength – NeoMetal – Anatometal – LeRoi
There are NO glues or painted coating on our jewelry. We work out of a ValueKLAVE1730 & Statim2000.

  • In the Morton County area, we are allowed to pierce underage participants. The type of piercing per age is under our discretion.
  • Clients under 18 years old will need their legal parent(s) or guardian. Both parties will need to supply a form of identification that indicates a first/last name with birth date.
  • We DO NOT use piercing guns. Our method of body piercing is manual with a sterilized needle and high-quality body jewelry.


Require a free consultation
Call or stop in to make an appointment


A deposit is required for all tattoo appointments