Body Piercing service


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Cartilage – Earlobes – Nose start at $30 (jewelry is extra)

Eyebrow – Oral – Navel – Nipple – Nose start at $35 (jewelry is extra)

We do offer some female/male genital piercings which start at $65 (jewelry is extra)

We DO NOT offer surface work at this time.


 We are supplied with US-made, internally threaded, implant-grade titanium body jewelry from Industrial Strength – NeoMetal – Anatometal – LeRoi
There are NO glues or painted coating on our jewelry. We work out of a ValueKLAVE1730 & Statim2000.

    • In the Morton County area, we are allowed to pierce underage participants. The type of piercing per age is under our discretion.
    • Clients under 18 years old will need their legal parent(s) or guardian. Both parties will need to supply a form of identification that indicates a first/last name with birth date. 
    • We DO NOT use piercing guns. Our method of body piercing is manual with a sterilized needle and high-quality body jewelry.


Require a free consultation
Call or stop in to make an appointment


A $100 deposit is required for all tattoo appointments